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Publishing in Chemistry Journals from Cell Press

发布日期:2021-11-17 08:11|浏览量:   来源:  

讲座题目:Publishing in Chemistry Journals from Cell Press

主讲人:Dr. Yanfei Zhu



Dr. Yanfei Zhu

2021. 2-present Scientific Editor of Chem Catalysis, Cell Press

2016. 9-2020. 7 Ph.D. in Nanoscience, NCNST, CAS

2014. 9-2017. 1 M.Sc. in Nanoscience, University of Copenhagen

Chem Catalysis introduction

Chem Catalysisis a monthly journal publishing innovative and insightful research on fundamental and applied catalysis, providing a platform for researchers across chemistry, chemical engineering, and related fields to disseminate and promote their best work. The journal is a premier resource for scientists, researchers, and engineers in both academia and industry, bridging the multidisciplinary aspects and scales of the field. Chem Catalysis publishes experimental and theoretical studies in all fields of catalysis-heterogeneous catalysis, homogeneous catalysis, and bio-catalysis that significantly advance our understanding of existing systems, expand the current knowledge with novel catalysts, and connect fundamental catalysis insights to the real world for the benefit of society.

Outline of the talk

1. Cell Press and the Journal Introduction

2. In house editorial and peer review process

3. Editor's insights


面对日益增加的相关领域科学研究,Cell Press顺势推出旗下第一本聚焦催化领域全方向的专刊Chem Catalysis。Chem Catalysis旨在刊发基础催化和应用催化领域,具有创新性和深刻性的研究成果。首刊已于2021年6月17日发布。

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