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Academic lecture by Professor Seong-Ju Hwang of Yonsei University, Korea

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24th December, 2019, in the A316 Academic Lecture Hall of the School of Chemical and Materials Engineering, Professor Seong-Ju Hwang of Yonsei University in Korea was invited to visit our school and gave a wonderful report entitled "2D Monolayered Nanosheet-Based Nanohybrids with Energy-Functionalities". Vice dean Dong Yuming hosted the report and extended a hot welcome to Professor Seong-Ju Hwang's visit. Seong-Ju Hwang explained a variety of two-dimensional inorganic nanosheet materials, such as LDH (two-dimensional layered double metal hydroxide), TMD (two-dimensional transition metal sulfide), rGO (reduced graphene oxide), etc. Various types of assembly methods are assembled into controllable three-dimensional nano-hybrids, which ultimately improve the optical and electrical properties of materials. The report received a enthusiastically response from researchers and graduate students, and the audience asked questions and discussed enthusiastically with Seong-Ju Hwang on issues of interest.

Seong-Ju Hwang is the professor at Yonsei University and the director of the Center for Hybrid Interfacial Chemical Structure. He received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Bordeaux, France, and is working on the synthesis of two-dimensional inorganic nanosheets and their nanohybrid materials and applying them to renewable energy production, storage and environmental purification technologies. Prof. Hwang has published 271 papers and 71 patents.He has also received many awards such as Prize for Young Chemist, Korean Chemical Society-Wiley VCH, 2005, Prize for Excellent Researcher in Materials Chemistry, Korean Chemical Society, 2006, Asian and Oceanian Photochemistry Association (APA) Prize for Young Scientists, 2010, ShimGye Science Prize, Pohang Light Source, 2011, Best Environmental Technology of the Year, Korean Ministry of Environment, 2012, Prize for Excellent Environmental Technology, Korean Ministry of Environment, 2013.


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Lecture site


Lecture site

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