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Microcapsules -- Application and Chemistry

2019-04-24  点击:[]
Topic Microcapsules -- Application and Chemistry Speaker Dr. Kimio Ichikawa
Time 9:30 a.m., Friday, April, 26th, 2019 Location Room A316, School of Chemical and Material Engineering

Topic:Microcapsules -- Application and Chemistry

Speaker:Dr. Kimio Ichikawa

Time:Microcapsules -- Application and Chemistry

Location:Room A316, School of Chemical and Material Engineering

Dr. Kimio Ichikawa obtained his doctorate degree in 1994 from School of macromolecular science, University of Hokkaido and visited Polymer Science and Engineering Department, University of Massachusetts between 1989 – 1991.He worked in FUJIFILM Corporation between 1989-2013. He has published 30 papers in international journals and 50 application patents (US, EP, WO, and other).

Microcapsules have been applied and commercialized in various fields such as medical, agricultural, displays, recording materials, paints, etc.The preparation process is quite different depending on targets, and the gelatin-gum arabic system and polyurethane system are typically employed to encapsulate core materials. In this short talk, these two processes are discussed in terms of practical and physicochemical point of views.

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