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Applications of microalgae in chemical engineering

2019-05-20  点击:[]
Topic Applications of microalgae in chemical engineering Speaker Dr. Amarjeet Bassi
Time 9:30 a.m., Friday, May 24th, 2019 Location Room A316, School of Chemical and Material Engineering

Topic:Applications of microalgae in chemical engineering

Speaker:Dr. Amarjeet Bassi

Time:Applications of microalgae in chemical engineering

Location:Room A316, School of Chemical and Material Engineering

Microalgae are eukaryotic, photosynthetic microorganisms which are found in a wide range of habitats, including fresh water, salt water or soil. Microalgae have recently been attracting significant interest due to their potential applications in the renewable energy, biopharmaceutical, cosmetics, and nutraceutical sectors. There is a lot of interest in developing engineering applications based on microalgal systems. This lecture provides an introduction to using microalgae in engineering applications. General concepts of microalgae are first introduced. Then the engineering considerations for their cultivation and harvesting are discussed. Finally, applications related to clean water recovery and value recovery in the form of energy, nutraceuticals and cosmetics is discussed.

Dr. Amarjeet Bassi, is a Professor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at Western University, London Ontario, Canada. He has research interests in micro-algal applications for clean water and value recovery, integrated technologies for water refining and nutrient and energy recovery using biological systems, bio-separations and biosensors. His group at Western invented the first circulating fluidized bed ion exchange chromatography system in 2002. Dr. Bassi has graduated over 100 HQP (PhDs, M.E.Sc and PDFs/Research Associates). He has over 200 scientific articles including refereed journal papers, patents, book chapters and conference papers. Currently Dr. Bassi is supervising 7 Ph.D students, 2. M.Eng students and 2 undergraduate students. Dr. Bassi is currently serving as an Associate Editor of the Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering.

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