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Research Direction

Research Direction

The preparation of functional polymer and macromolecular colloids

Structural design and synthesis of functional polymers; Self-assembly of amphiphilic copolymer; Control preparation of functional macromolecular colloids and their application.

The modification and processing of polymer materials

Polymer blending and nanocomposite technology; Study on interface and properties of polymer composites; Molding and processing technology of polymer material.

Functional coating

Preparation of functional resins and fillers and their application in coatings; Synthesis of bio-base resins and their application in coatings; Study on photopolymerization technology and UV curable coatings.


Surfactants and daily chemicals

1)Synthesis and application of green functional surfactants; 2) Synthesis and application of switchable surfactants; 3) Emulsions, Foams and Suspensions; 4) Development and application of daily chemicals, such as cosmetics, flavors and fragrances.

Fine chemicals synthesis and engineering process

1) Molecular structure design and application of environmental plasticizer; 2) Design new catalysts for fine chemicals from natural oils; 3) Fine chemicals process industry enlargement, engineering design and equipment development

Clean energy and chemical catalysis

1) Directly or indirectly based on syngas (CO/H2) catalytic conversion of carbon-containing resources such as petroleum, coal, natural gas and biomass into super-clean fuels including hydrogen, methane, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, lube oils and wax, bulk chemicals like olefins, alcohols and aromatics, and value-added fine chemicals; 2) Designing and developing of new catalyst materials, new catalytic reactors and catalytic process and technology; 3) theoretical calculation on catalysis for exploring catalysis mechanisms and guiding a rational design of a catalyst.

Novel separation engineering and technologies

1) Novel electrochemical separation technologies for sustainable resources recovery, environmental treatment; 2) Membranes for selective removal of CO2 or VOCs from air, water purification, solvent processing; 3) Design and optimization of adsorption and chromatographic separation process/media.


Science and technology of perfumery

Research interests:

1. Extraction and analysis of volatile components of flavors and fragrances;

2. Isolation and purification of the active ingredients in natural products and their application in cosmetics;

3. Bio-catalytic synthesis of natural flavors;

4. Research and development of functional fragrances;

5. Research and application of the sustained release system of flavors and fragrances.

Cosmetics and Personal Care Research Center

Research Focus

Our center research focuses on formulation and process, preparation of functional ingredients, dermal delivery system, and the fundamental investigation of cosmetics and personal care.

We provide special expertise in:

1、The formulation and process of detergent, shampoo, body wash, wash bar, facial wash and cream etc.

2、Synthesis, modification and application of novel polymer, surfactant in cosmetics and personal care.

3、Extraction of whiten agent, anti-wrinkle agent and antimicrobial etc. from plant.Novel dermal delivery system for cosmetics.

Surfactant Direction

Surfactant Chemistry is one of the three key research areas in the Department of Applied Chemistry, which grows based on the former daily chemical industry subject, one of the most pioneer surfactant speciality in China.

According to its own characteristics and existing academy accumulation, three sub-subjects has been formed: 1) synthesis and industrialization of green oil-based surfactants; 2) design and synthesis of special functional surfactants; and 3) environmental stimuli-responsive colloidal systems. And there are 6 staffs, including 2 full professors and 2 associate professors, forming a highly cohesive and innovative team.

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