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首先,国际联合实验室负责人、江南大学刘天西教授介绍了江南大学概况及国际联合实验室建设进展情况,并对与会的杰出学者表示热烈欢迎,希望各位以此为契机共同加强中-比-英三方课题组的交流与合作。随后,欧洲科学院院士、比利时鲁汶大学Johan Hofkens教授,欧洲科学院院士、英国伦敦大学学院Ivan P. Parkin教授和英国伦敦大学学院Dan Brett教授分别作题为“The Power of One: From Single Molecule Investigation to Materials Research”、“Adventures in Material Chemistry”和“Eltro-acoustic Analysis of Electrochemical Power Sources”的学术报告。研讨会的上半段也在同学们激烈的提问和讨论中结束,而下半段则由江南大学的老师和学生进行学术汇报。首先,张龙生、张楠和陈苏莉三位老师分别围绕“高效析氧反应的导电金属配位聚合物的设计合成”、“缺陷可调Bi2Se3纳米片高效固N2”和“固态钠离子电池的固体聚合物电解质及电解质/电极界面设计”等研究内容做了高水平报告。最后,课题组博士生楚凯斌与硕士生秦静静分别就“无机钙钛矿材料的制备及电催化氨合成性能研究”和“仿生向日葵作为光催化反应器”进行了汇报。最后,刘天西教授作总结发言,对各位国内外专家学者为我院师生带来如此精彩的学术报告表示衷心的感谢。本次联合实验室的研讨会为我院师生提供了一个与国外教授直接接触、了解材料科学最新研究进展和交流学术思想的平台,一定程度上提升了我校的国际知名度。



Ivan P. Parkin教授、Johan Hofkens教授和Dan Brett教授作学术报告


Professor Johan Hofkens:Johan Hofkens is a professor at the department of Chemistry of KU Leuven and a member operational management of Chem & Tech and Nano Centre of KU Leuven. He received his Ph.D. from KU Leuven in 1993. His research comprises single molecule spectroscopy and ultrafast spectroscopy with applications in biochemistry/biophysics and material science. Professor Johan Hofkens has published over 500 scientific journal papers including Science, Nature, Cell, Nat. Mater., Nat. Nanotechnol., Nat. Chem., J. Am. Chem. Soc., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., Adv. Mater, resulting in an h-index of 80 (WoS). He received the Grammaticakis Neumann award in Photochemistry in 1998, the Proteomass Scientific Society Award in 2016, and the Otto Wolfbeis Fluorescence Prize in 2019. He was elected as a member of the Flemish Academy of Science in 2011 and as a member of Academia Europaea in 2019.

Professor Ivan P. Parkin:Professor Ivan P. Parkin is a Professor of Materials Chemistry at Department of Chemistry, Dean of Faculty of Maths and Physical Sciences at University College London. Professor Parkin obtained his BSc and Ph.D. degrees from Imperial College London. His research group is mainly focused on the design of new materials and coatings from chemical vapour deposition and wet chemistry synthesis, for the applications such as antimicrobial coatings, gas sensing, superhydrophobic surfaces and energy materials. He has published over 900 scientific journal papers and an H-index of 85. Professor Parkin is a member of Academia Europaea, Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry and received multiple prestigious awards, such as Tilden Medal, Griffith Medal and Beilby Medal.

Professor Dan Brett: Professor Dan Brett is a Professor of Electrochemical Engineering at Department of Chemical Engineering, UCL. He is the academic co-founder for Electrochemical Innovation Lab at UCL and Faraday Institution. He received the Ph.D. degree from Imperial College London in 1999. His research is in the area of electrochemical engineering and technology. This includes electrochemical energy conversion and storage (fuel cells, batteries, supercapacitors, electrolysers), electrochemical sensors, electroanalysis, hybrid vehicles and micro-generation technologies. He specializes in developing novel diagnostic techniques for the study of high and low temperature fuel cells and their materials. Professor Brett has published over 530 scientific journal papers and an H-index of 57. He was awarded prestigious De Nora Foundation Prize in 2009 and the Baker Medal in 2011 (Institute of Civil Engineers) for his excellent work on fuel cells.